RAF Poseidon Operating Over English Channel

An RAF Boeing Poseidon MRA.1 has taken up station over the English Channel to support Home Office operations against illegal immigration.

The aircraft, serial ZP802, is taking part in what is believed to be the types second operational mission in RAF service. Last week a Poseidon conducted the first operational sortie of the type, tracking a Russian submarine.

The news comes after the RAF previously chose to utilise it’s Atlas C.1 transport aircraft in the maritime patrol role. The RAF has previously used both the Atlas and Hercules transports as maritime patrol aircraft to make up for shortfalls in maritime patrol aircraft.

The Home Office requested support from the Ministry of Defence in an attempt to reduce the number of illegal immigrants crossing the English Channel.

As well as RAF aircraft the MoD is also considering the use of Royal Navy patrol vessels in the area. This has however been branded “dangerous” by French politicians, who seem to demand the UK pay for the policing of their coastline.

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