United Cancels Two More Months of 737 Max Flights

United Airlines has announced that the Boeing 737 Max will not be back in its schedule for an extra two months, extending the cancellations from the 3rd September to the 3rd November.

The cancellations, which the airline estimates will cause another 5,000 flights to be cancelled, are the latest round of cancellations by large North American carriers, with WestJet having them removed from schedules until at least the end of Augusta, Air Canada and American looking towards early September at the earliest and Soutwest having no flights in its program until early October.

It was previously reported that a software fix to the problems effecting the fleet since two fatal crashes was close to being approved by regulators however new problems have since been found which will delay the reintroduction of the type further.

United estimates that the issues cause 2,120 flights to be cancelled in June, with them expecting to cancel 1,290 flights in July, 1,900 in August, 2,100 in September, and 2,900 in October. With the total number of cancellations looking to be in the region of 10,300 by November.

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