Breitling Ends Display Team Sponsorship

It has been announced by Apache Aviation that their display team, flying 7 Aero L-39 Albatros jets, will no longer fly under Breitling branding from the end of the 2019 display season.

The display team, first formed in 1982 flying Mudry CAP 10s under Martini branding has flown under the Breitling name for 17 years, flying hundreds of displays in North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

According to a statement released by Apache Aviation, “For the 2020 season and beyond, Jacques Bothelin, Apache Aviation President, is setting up a sponsor research strategy using unique know-how, developed over 37 years of aerial demonstration. His team’s future will be hopefully ensured either through an exclusive sponsor or a pool of co-sponsors.”

In the same statement the teams founder, Jacques Bothelin said added, “The fighter jet is a flying machine of excellence, an unsurpassed communication vehicle to ensure unique visibility to a brand, whether at public events, via the Internet and social media or by all the private operations for which the team remains available to the sponsor. Aerobatics offers a fascinating show, it is the quintessence of mastery and style.”


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